What Is The Best Social Media Platform To Choose?  – How To Get More Clients And Sales!

What Is The Best Social Media Platform To Choose? – How To Get More Clients And Sales!

What’s up everyone? Welcome back to my Online Business Training blog. In today’s training, I’m going to help you figure out which social media platforms is best for your personal brand and for your business. I’m going to walk through the top social media platforms and tell you the pros and cons of each. All of which is explained in my full training course: Modern Social Media Marketing.

I’m going to be walking though a lot of social media platforms and I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed or feel the demand that you need to be on every single one. So be mindful that every time I explain a social stage, genuinely ask yourself, would my audience like this? Is my public actually on this platform? For instance, if your (target) audience is make-up enthusiasts that love to watch tutorials about make-up then maybe podcasting isn’t for you – perhaps you should stick to Instagram or YouTube. So really keep in mind your target audience each time you’re considering choosing a brand-new social media stage.

Now a common question that I always get aside from which social media programme should I be on? Is how many social media platforms should I be on? My rule of thumb is always to have two to three platforms so that you’re diversified but, not spreading yourself out thin. And in a moment, I’m going explain to you a few platforms so that you know which two to three platforms you should be on.


The first platform that comes to thought is Instagram. I personally believe every single person who has a business should really be on Instagram, not only because there’s a lot of active customers on that platform, but also because it is the best stage to build a strong personal symbol. And what I mean by this is Instagram is kind of like the new unprofessional resume. One glance alone of looking at your profile someone should be able to understand what you do, who you are, what you like, what your aesthetic is, what’s your mode – and its a really great platform to showcase who you are as a human being on the internet.

Simply this, Instagram is a really great road to build relationships and I know a lot of you guys right now believe Instagram is super competitive, the feed is utterly cluttered and we all hate the algorithm. However, with Instagram, a lot of parties neglect the influence of Instagram stories and Instagram DM. Even for me, when I post on my feed, it’s really for me to build my feed aesthetic, construct my feed portfolio, and indicate my authority as a content builder. Nonetheless, I spend the majority of my approach on Instagram floors so that people can actually get to know me as a person. I devote massive amounts of time in my Instagram DM because this is the place where ties-in are being built, especially if you are a service-based business, you can actually get purchasers through Instagram. Plenty of my purchasers have actually come through Instagram because I’ve nurtured strong relationships with them one on one. For a more comprehensive look at Instagram check out my course Modern Social Media Marketing.


YouTube, because it is Audio and Video combined, possible customers or clients can truly get to know you really well. For example, on YouTube, people can see your mannerisms, they can see how you’re talking, they can see how you’re acting and they can really connect with you in a personal way. But the beauty of YouTube is that if you’re camera shy, you can use animation, voice overs or really absolutely anything to get your message across.

And for me, I personally believe that YouTube is a really great way to turn cold leads into very warm ones. Not only this, the traffic that comes from YouTube is unparalleled.

But as well as a really great traffic volume, it’s also targeted traffic. What I mean by this, is that YouTube is mostly like a search engine. Unlike Instagram, where people are probably just searching for hashtags or sorting usernames – they’re not really searching solutions for their problems. Whereas, on YouTube, people are physically typing in, for example, How to develop on social media? How to retire my 9 to 5? How to play the piano? This is SUPER targeted traffic!

That is why YouTube is absolutely amazing, because that search engine process alone is helping you filter out your model buyers. Last but not least, in terms of the pros of having a YouTube channel is the analytics. The analytics on YouTube is better than Instagram, it’s better than any other programme that I’ve been on. You’re really able to understand your gathering extremely well – “Do my videos suck? Okay, let me check what else I can do”. “Alright, 5 people lowered off at the one minute marker, I wonder why?”. “Okay, wait, where is this audience coming from? Are they coming from my Instagram account or my Facebook account?” You can even know what they precisely typed into the search engine to find you, which is going to help you a massively with content creation and also developing your products or services. For a more comprehensive look at YouTube check out my course Modern Social Media Marketing.


Now, this heads me to the third (and the Daddy of them all!) platform that I want to talk about and that is Facebook. Personally before I started my business, I thought that Facebook was dead. However, if you are a content creator or a business owner, Facebook Groups is absolutely killing it if you want to stay in touch and build really strong relationships with your public. If you invite all of your participants from your blog/email list to your Facebook group, you’re going to have way more visibility in terms of who is in your ‘tribe’ – this actually makes and turns your “leads” into real people which creates are greater connection to your audience! Facebook groups can be so very active and super engaged – and if you are a content creator or an Internet Marketer, you are totally missing out if you are not utilising your own Facebook group to house your audience.

Facebook Ads is one of the most powerful marketing tools ever made for a platform that has billions of people in it. Its actually quite astonishing the power of this and how anyone with a Facebook account can access and use it for just a few dollars! You can optimise your Ads to make sure you’re laser targeting the right people. Facebooks Ads is an art form in itself so I wont go into too much detail here but, everything is shown to you step by step with course materials and videos within the Modern Social Media Marketing course.

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