Facebook Ads Explained 2019 – Part 2

Facebook Ads Explained 2019 – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 in this Facebook Ads presentation. If you missed Facebook Ads Explained 2019 – Part 1 please click the link. As this second part is a direct continuation of the first part.

Start small and work your way up.

Start small - Facebook ads

The most common advice people give is to set a budget of around five to ten dollars per day for new ads. Yes, this is a tiny amount. No, you won’t get rich if your ads hit it out of the ballpark right away. Though, your ad will more than likely not hit it out of the ballpark the second it goes live. The logic behind starting so small is that it’s enough money to see if the ad is going to work or not. You shouldn’t need to spend more than ten dollars on seeing if the ad you’re running is going to convert. Changes will be required to be made to your ad, and you’ll be glad you only spent a little bit of money to discover that.

Scale your ad once it converts.

Scale up

Let’s say that you have a winning ad and it’s converting at a rate that you’re happy with. Now is the time to put the gas pedal all the way down to the floor. Spend as much money on the ad as you can afford. Keep on feeding Facebook money as long as the ad is converting. You’ll know when it starts to cool off, and the conversions aren’t what they should be. Until you get to that point, keep feeding Facebook money as if it were an ATM. Milk the ad for all it’s worth and then restart the entire process all over again when the advertisement becomes less effective.

Facebook Pixel.

Facebook pixel

If there were one hack that online marketers could turn into profit reasonably easily, it would be Facebook pixel. It takes a little know-how to set it up, but it’s well worth learning how to do. What is Facebook pixel? It’s a small piece of code that you add to your site. It will monitor the behavior of someone who visits your site. Let’s say you want to retarget those who went all the way to the checkout of your site but didn’t buy. You can show those people ads on Facebook, reminding them of your services.

Have you ever saw those ads that seem to follow you all over the internet? They follow you because you visited a site. The same thing happens on Facebook, and you probably don’t realize it. You can have your ads follow someone around on Facebook who visited your site. Marketers love these ads because they target people who have already shown an interest in what they have to offer. Ads like these perform at a higher success rate than others. That’s why those ads follow you everywhere you go online. Retargeting people who have already visited a website works, and it turns them into customers.

Photo, video, and carousel ads.

Photo, video, and carousel ads

These are the three most commonly used ads. You will more than likely stick with photo ads. Those who use video ads generally have the product in their hand. Also, a video ad is much more complicated to create. If you’re new to Facebook ads, then you’re probably going to go the route of starting with photo ads. There are other forms of advertising, and you should get yourself familiar with them. An entire book could be written on the different types of ads and how to make the most out of them. It varies depending on your niche and what you’re promoting. The types of advertising you choose should reflect what you want the user to do most. If you want them to join your email list or buy a product, then each will have its preferred method of promotion.

You’re going to fail in the beginning.

Fail in the beginning - Facebook Ads

This is going to be a tough pill to swallow for most of you. Many of you will fail and close up shop immediately. You are more than likely going to fail with your first purchase of Facebook ads. It might take you spending several hundred dollars to see one sale come in. Highly experienced marketers say that those who are beginning will burn through several thousand dollars when they start running ads. There’s no magic number of dollars that you’ll throw down the drain before being successful. But, more than likely, you’re going to run several very unsuccessful campaigns in the beginning.

Learn from your mistakes and move on.

Those who become successful at Facebook marketing know that the way to success is paved with all kinds of failure. Those who end up learning how to run campaigns that convert look at the money they spent to get where they are as an investment in their education. You can read a hundred guides and watch double that in YouTube videos and it won’t prepare you for the real thing. You’re not going to learn without first doing it. You can’t watch someone ride a bike and expect to hop on and be a professional cyclist. There’s an amount of trial and error that everyone has to go through to understand how things work.

Start NOW and don’t overthink everything.

Start now and don't overthink everything

You’re on the fence right now if this is something for you or not. At some point, you’ve got to go out there and give it a try. Set aside fifty to a hundred dollars and let it rip. Don’t expect anything at all to come from it. Don’t even think about profits or any of that. Instead, spend all of your resources, learning how Facebook ads work. No amount of reading or watching videos will make you a success right off the bat. It’s not going to happen, and that’s the harsh reality that you’ve got to face. If you don’t have the money to lose, then put your head down and get to work. There is no way of moving forward without first paying your dues. If you think it’s possible to place one ad and it takes off like a rocket, then you’ve been listening to way too many people who have something to sell you.

Stick with a familiar niche in the beginning.

Stick with a familiar niche in the beginning

Beginners make the terrible mistake of going where they think the money is. You may see a crazy good offer and want to promote it. The problem is, you know nothing about the niche and those who are the ideal customer. If you’re just starting, your first campaigns should be something you’re very familiar with. Get a few sales under your belt and understand how a profitable ad campaign is created. After that, then you can branch out. You’ll set yourself up for failure right away by marketing products to people who you aren’t familiar with.

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