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Hello aspiring Entrepreneurs, my name is Dis from FreedomStudio and the creator of Online Business Training. My vision for Online Business Training is to help people, whether you are an established Internet Marketer or just starting out, to obtain and utilise the best in training courses, tools and software to make yourself an online success!

I’ve been doing Internet Marketing for a couple of years now as I wanted to pull away from working for an employer and start working my own future instead. I was tired of ‘breaking my back’ for my boss at work, I was tired of getting on the horrible rush-hour tubes journeys to and from work. I was tired of waking up to an alarm clock every morning, I was tired of being restricted in what I can do on weekdays etc…. Now I can say I have the Freedom to do what I want, when I want, which was a dream I thought I would never happen 3 years ago – I just needed to find that special calling and commit to it – I found that calling by doing Online Business Training!

Now I have to say Making Money Online is an easy concept to learn but takes a hell of a lot of commitment and hard work to achieve! I’ve personally spent thousands of dollars on courses that guaranteed me success! And while I believe every course, tool or software I purchased was genuine – the only thing that didn’t make it work was myself! I didn’t spend constant consistent time and effort on them, I never finished about 99% of everything I bought – basically I was lazy and expected everything to fall into place by itself, BIG MISTAKE – The key is to be CONSISTENT, FOCUSED, ALWAYS FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED and CONTANTLY IMPROVE WHAT YOU’VE LEARNT & IMPLEMENTED!

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Take Your Time & Do It Well!

The one thing I am always sceptical about from a lot of other Online Business Training out there is the promise of getting rich quick, I now know that this has never been true in my case because you need to have had done the basic foundations and groundwork first before you can implement these get rich quick processes – and for novices, this is extremely frustrating as these will not work otherwise. When I say basic foundations, I mean by doing an Internet Marketing Basics course, Email Marketing courses, Social Media Courses, WordPress or Blogging courses and so on (VERY IMPORTANT: choose on basic course and master it before moving on to the next).

Until you spend quality time and effort (which can take months if your in a job at the same time!) on getting your basic framework complete, every new shiny tool or software will not deliver on its promises. Look to do the basics first, like mentioned in my Online Business Training Courses then look at the latest tools and software’s in my Online Business Training blog.

Anyway I’ll leave it there for now. Just remember its crucial to get the basics down first! And stick with it through thick and thin and you’ll see that this can actually work for you! Don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter and blog list for the latest news and trends!

We wish you all the best in your online endeavours!

Dis – FreedomStudio

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